Stephen Colbert Shows How Jeff Bezos Could Be About To Expose Trump’s Racist Past

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Stephen Colbert says a big Amazon business deal could spell bad news for former President Donald Trump, who often targeted the company and its billionaire owner, Jeff Bezos, while he was in office.

Amazon is reportedly on the verge of buying MGM Studios for $9 billion. That, Colbert noted, would put Bezos in control of Trump’s old TV series, “The Apprentice,” as well as all of its outtakes and archives, which reportedly include racist comments made by Trump.

“Holy mother of DVD extras!” Colbert declared. “The private footage of a TV billionaire is gonna belong to an actual billionaire.”

Colbert said the Trump outtakes could be “the most racist thing in the MGM catalog ― other than ‘Gone With The Wind.’”

See more in his Tuesday night “Late Show” monologue:

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